SSC Booking Agent

Last Updated by Admin  17 April 2021 18:05 

This is an important message for the Saloon Stock Car community.  Marion Farrow has asked to call a halt to her time as the Booking Agent for Saloon Stock Cars.

The Saloon Stock Car Association wishes to record their immense gratitude for the magnificent work which Marion has achieved for the formula over many years of outstanding service.  Her dedication to the role and her commitment to Saloon Stock Cars has been amazing, and Marion has been a tremendously positive influence on the formula enjoying such a period of prominence.

The Saloon Stock Car Association hopes that Marion will look to return to the role at some stage in the future, but for now, it is Marion’s wish that she is given some private time to proceed with her personal life.

Please, please, can all persons involved respect those wishes.  As difficult as it is, please can everyone hold off from making a well-meaning call to Marion.  It is Marion’s strong wish to be given a period of privacy, and the Saloon Stock Car Association again urges everyone to cease phone calls to Marion forthwith.

The Saloon Stock Car Association is reviewing systems and procedures for bookings, newsletters and other matters of an admin nature, and will make further announcements on these topics in due course.

Again, please, as kind hearted as your intentions may be, please do not be tempted to phone Marion at this time.  Please respect her privacy.  Thank you.