Marion Farrow Such Sad News

Last Updated by Admin  27 April 2021 13:39 

It is with immense sadness, that the Saloon Stock Car Association reports that Marion Farrow passed away peacefully late last evening.

Marion has been the administration backbone of Saloon Stock Cars for many years.  Marion has performed a sterling service with tireless dedication to her role as the Booking Agent for Saloon Stock Cars.  Marion’s devotion to the sport knew no bounds, and her efficiency has contributed positively towards ensuring Saloon Stock Cars have remained on UK oval racing’s premier formulas.

Whether gamely badgering Saloon Stock Car promoters for information for newsletters, ensuring paperwork is all in order, or simply in her element as being the sympathetic listening ear to drivers which earned her the loving reference as ‘Auntie Marion’, her contribution to the Stock Car racing community was always recognised and will never be forgotten.

Marion may not have been behind the wheel, but she is certainly a legend of Saloon Stock Car racing.

The Saloon Stock Car Association and the wider racing community pass on our thoughts of condolence to Marion’s husband John, and to her many friends and family.

Here we see Marion and John, in happier times, presenting the UK Championship shield to Diggy Smith at Skegness, in July 2019.