Driver Bookings Further Notes

Last Updated by Admin  07 May 2021 08:00 

Saloon Stock Car drivers are to be congratulated for the manner in which the revised Bookings options have been embraced.

Within just a matter of days, more than 70 drivers have signed up for the Text Booking Service, and there has been a flood of bookings for the early fixtures once the season begins on 17 May.

To assist further, here are some additional guidelines.

On the 1st of each month, bookings will open for meetings in the following month.
Hence, on 1st May, bookings can be made for meetings in May and June only.
Bookings for meetings in July can be made from 1st June onwards.

For the online booking system through the website, drivers need to follow a simple process:
* Register
* Wait for an email to confirm authentication
* Login
* Go to the Bookings page
* Fill in details
* Click to book

If you have any issues please send a message via the contact page here so we can pass your issue to the development team.  Issues reported on social media comments will not be actioned.